Beyond the Vine Winery Tour was a delightful afternoon excursion to several local wineries in northern Indiana with my friends! The cozy charter bus toured our group between wineries, which allowed us to sip and relax in good company.

Stop #1: Whyte Horse Winery

Our first stop was Whyte Horse Winery in Monticello, Indiana. A flight of wine came to our table with a variety of glasses ranging from sweet white to dry red. I am not a wine connoisseur so this was a helpful first stop to gauge my taste buds. Additionally, they serve wine slushies in every flavor imaginable! These are a must-try if you are looking for a frozen alcoholic treat!

Stop #2: Carpenter Creek Cellars

Our second stop was Carpenter Creek Cellars in Remington, Indiana. The owners and staff members made our experience top-tier! Again, we each selected a few wines to taste test, my favorite was sweet red. I even bought a bottle of Traminette, which was the signature Indiana grape wine, with an intense fruity flavor. The winery is perfect for an afternoon tasting with friends, hosting a private events, or attending their ‘Music on the Lawn’ events. Check out their website for music schedule!

Stop #3: Hooker Corner Winery

Our final stop was Hooker Corner Winery in Pine Village, Indiana. The winery is set in the extinct town of Hooker Corner, which held significance to the owners. The countryside scenery and passionately labeled the bottles have created a distinct experience. By the end of our tour, I realized that I prefer sweet white wines!