Let me paint a picture of my idea of a relaxing Friday night…sipping wine on my back patio reminiscing and chatting with childhood best friends. No matter what your artistic abilities may be, this activity is for everyone! Let me take you along for my at-home wine and canvas!

Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is the perfect addition to any get together! This is super simple and can be thrown together with a things from home. I frequent Aldi for their vast selection of charcuterie essentials, as well as Trader Joe’s.

I used an herb goat cheese, smoked Gouda, and cubes of mild cheddar for the different textures of each. Appleton Farms Salami Collection contained a variety of meats to pair with the assortment of cheeses. Finally, to fill in, I added organic strawberries and Savoritz Original Crisp crackers.

Charcuterie board ingredients

Wine & Canvas

Grab your favorite bottle of wine, a blank canvas, a variety of paints, and brushes! Typically, you can select an image for everyone to recreate but my friends and I decided to embrace our own styles of creativity. I was struggling to decide what to paint but was needing some decoration for my new apartment, hence the bright floral designs.

These are my childhood best friends who painted Patrick from SpongeBob and a green frog.


Instead of painting a canvas, grab an old wine glass or candle sticks! Try thrifting these items from your local consignment shop. Repurposing old household items is a cost-effective, sustainable practice. On the other hand, if you have a younger audience, try cookies and canvas! This would be a great idea for your kiddos next birthday party or an afternoon picnic.

Grab your canvas, it’s time to wine down!