Planning a party can be a large investment, depending on the scope or theme. I have found a few ways to save money, without compromising your vision.

1. Do It Yourself

DIY projects allow you to create an elaborate, expensive product at a fraction of the cost. I am a huge supporter of DIY projects and tend to find more satisfaction in doing it by myself.

For example, the photo on the left was an expensive, screen-printed sign my cousin wanted at her wedding. Instead, we repurposed a donated frame from our local Goodwill painted with chalk paint then wrote the message in white chalk markers.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Items

When planning a party, party favors and an abundance of decorations may seem like the perfect way to elevate your celebration. However, it is just the opposite. Party favors, depending on the purpose, can be additional costs that guests may not find the same value in. Also, a good rule of thumb in decorating a space is that less is more. You are still able to create the big wow factor and save money without buying the entire matching collection from Party City.

3. Borrow from Friends and Family

Being resourceful is a huge money saver when it comes to planning parties. Asking friends and family to borrow tables or serving platters will eliminate added costs of an item used only once. My eldest cousin was married five years ago and various d├ęcor items are still being repurposed at other family bridal showers, graduation parties, and celebrations. Her wedding was absolutely stunning and no one knew the difference between hand-me-down versus brand new.

4. Avoid Mealtimes

Food and beverage items are often the bulk of the party budget. If you are able to avoid mealtime parties, and serve small snacks or desserts instead will save money and labor. Additionally, hosting a party for someone else should still be relaxing. Avoid manning the food tables and try finger sandwiches, grazing boards, or small desserts.